We are avid collectors of sterling silver who aim to impart as much information as possible about the hobby to the general public. We want to encourage others to play a role in preserving the unique pieces of history that currently exist as well as to enjoy the hobby. You can visit our About.me page here.

Historically, silver has been used even more than gold because the masses found it to be more affordable than the white metal. Because silver shares similar properties with gold, it has been regarded as “the poor man’s gold.” Silver has therefore been seen as a monetary metal until recent decades. Prior to 1965, American dimes, quarters and half-dollars were made of 90 percent silver. Today, coins are made out of base metals, and the silver coins previously made have either fallen into the hands of collectors or melted to be used in industry or to make silver bullion.

We also believe collecting sterling silver is a way to preserve wealth, as was a common belief in previous centuries and is still practiced today in India. Silver is unique not only for its bright white luster but also in its inherent value to collectors and investors. Buyers of sterling silver can take pride in the added beauty and value it brings to a home.

Because silver is no longer generally seen as a monetary metal, even though major wars in history have been fought over it, a great opportunity presents itself to collectors to obtain it at a very affordable price. Just as oil and other commodity prices have spiked higher in recent years, the same can happen — and arguably is likely to happen — for silver. However, whether or not the silver price moves substantially in the next few years, collectors can rest assured that silver, being a precious metal, will maintain a value significantly higher than the base metals. Silver is, and always will be, a noble metal.